Peanut Butter Martini

I love cocktails! I first tried them in my teens when I used to frequent the piano bar at The Holiday Inn. Pina Colada was my first love, but this was soon usurped by a Manhattan!

I went to work on cruise ships, where coladas and daiquiris were the start of our work week as we set sail, dancing to the calypso band playing “Hot Hot Hot”

Evenings in the cocktail lounge gave me the opportunity to try many classic cocktails, but the best times were drinking coladas and daiquiris at beach bars in the Caribbean!!

I always love to try newer cocktails, especially martinis. As much as I love a vodka martini, there are so many fun versions.

A love affair with peanut butter cups began in the 89s, when a friend walked up to me with an entire case and told me to try one. So putting it into a martini is a no brainer!!

This is an instruction, not a recipe. It’s just the way I make cocktails!


Use a blender to blitz 4 peanut butter cups into 1 cup/250ml of vodka (don’t use a stick blender, I burned mine out)

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.

Put 2 measures of peanut butter vodka, 2 measures of milk, and 1 measure of chocolate cream liqueur on the ice and shake well.

Swirl chocolate sauce in a spiral around a martini glass

Spear a toothpick through 2 mini peanut butter cups for garnish

Pour the martini into 2 glasses and set the toothpicks in