Peppers, Chickpea-harissa Mash & Eggs

Peppers, Chickpea-harissa Mash & Eggs, wonderful North African flavor paired with mimosas.
Tasty brunch with North African flavors

Peppers, Chickpea-harissa Mash & Eggs is a wonderful brunch recipe, that could also make a light supper. It’s super healthy, giving a lot of nutrients, while healthy spices give flavor. Harissa is such a great flavor, if you haven’t tried it before, this recipe is a good way in! It is almost like the party guest who lights up the room on arrival! It gives a certain exoticness to make food fun. I love North African food, which is the region that harissa originated. This recipe gives pays homage to the beautiful food of that area.

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Mimosas are great to have with this if it is a celebration brunch! Fresh orange juice and prosecco or Cave make wonderful Mimosas- I can’t pour orange juice into good Champagne!!!!

Peppers, Chickpea-harissa Mash & Eggs

6 Bell peppers
1 Medium Onion diced
Pinch or 2 of Himalayan or kosher salt
Pinch or 2 of Fresh Ground Black pepper
1/2tsp Ground Turmeric
1/2tsp Garlic powder
1/4tsp Ground cumin
1/4tsp Ground cinnamon
3 Cups Fresh baby spinach chopped
1 Can Chickpeas drained & mashed slightly with a fork
6tbsp Harissa paste
Salt & pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 425°F. Line baking sheet with foil and spray foil with nonstick spray.

Slice lengthwise piece off each bell pepper, leaving stem and bottom intact, creating a boat shape from each; reserve cut pieces of bell pepper. Carefully scoop out membrane and seeds from peppers with melon baller or teaspoon. Set bell peppers on prepared pan, cut side up. Loosely cover with foil; bake 15 minutes

Meanwhile, dice reserved bell pepper pieces. Spray large skillet with nonstick spray and place over medium-low heat. Add diced bell peppers, onion, salt, and black pepper; cook, stirring frequently, until tender, about 7 minutes. Add turmeric, garlic powder, cumin, cinnamon and harissa paste, and toss to combine. Stir in spinach and chickpeas. Remove from heat.

Remove bell peppers from oven and reduce heat to 375°F. Place peppers in a baking dish. Divide chickpea mixture evenly among peppers; crack 1 egg onto each pepper and sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Bake, uncovered, until egg whites are set, about 15 minutes. Sprinkle with chives or cilantro and serve.