Tunisian Beid Bi Tamatem (Eggs & Tomatoes)

Mint livens this tasty dish

After passing from the Red sea through the Suez Canal, we sailed to Tunisia. Although it can be busy in places, the area where we docked was very peaceful and tropical. Famous as a beach destination, we took a well earned rest from our busy work schedule and took advantage of the relaxing beaches. We also took advantage of the beach restaurants, with the wonderfully aromatic food.
This dish is one that I like to cook for weekend brunch in the summer. It’s a restorative kick-start, with the mint that really adds an awakening freshness. I have a Moroccan mint plant, but a regular mint will suffice.

WINE NOTE: As always we usually have juice and coffee, but if it’s an occasion, then juice with some bubbly added, such as Cava.

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Yields 4 servings. 

Sunflower oil spray

1 cup of finely chopped onion (UK 2 onions)
2 garlic cloves minced
4 cups coarsely chopped tomatoes (UK 6 tomatoes) (or 2 cans chopped tomatoes)
2 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley
2 tsp fresh chopped mint
Good pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt
½ tsp ground black pepper, DIVIDED
⅛ tsp ground cumin
4 large eggs

Heat the oven to 375F/180C

Spray an ovenproof skillet with oil and heat on medium high. Add the onion and garlic and saute for 4 minutes until just tender. Add the tomatoes and cook for 8 mins. Remove from the heat and stir through the herbs, salt, ¼ tsp pepper and the cumin. 

Make 4 indentions in the mixture for the eggs, using the back of a spoon. Break an egg into each indentation, then sprinkle with the remaining pepper.

Place in the oven for 12 mins until the eggs are set. 

Serve immediately.