Thrilling Grilling! Seared Tuna over Orange and Potato Salad

Lightly seared tuna on a delightfully zesty salad with a cold glass of wine

I remember a friend complaining to me that she couldn’t get a good salad while on a trip to England. I was surprised, but then we moved over here and fast realized that she was telling the truth! My first experience was at a local French restaurant, and I ordered a side salad. It arrived as as some dry leaves, a slice of tomato and no dressing in sight. I asked for dressing and the server looked confused and spluttered something about only having French vinaigrette. She finally appeared with some, but treated it as highly unusual situation. It was a highly unusual situation to me, to be served a dry salad! I had a similar experience when helping a relative to prepare food for a party, when I asked how the salad was to be prepared. I was told to ‘PUT IN THE BOWL!’, as if I was dumb! Needless to say, I returned the bowl of dry leaves to the kitchen after the party, uneaten!!
As time has gone on, Caesar salads have appeared, never topped with anchovies, but pretty good nevertheless. Then our favorite cooking show got a new lead presenter called Matt Tebbutt, who is the inventor of great salads! This is yet another that I have made of his that I have loved! I admit though, he had me at lightly seared tuna!! This time of year, England boasts such delicious salad potatoes with naturally buttery taste and texture. This is one that you can lightly cook on the outside grill, for anyone who is pescatarian or just wants something lighter. It’s easy to cook on a stove top griddle. Just be careful to only sear the outside, but don’t cook the tuna through, as you will just end up with a dry non enjoyable fish, wondering what the hype is!!

WINE NOTE: I paired a dry Riesling with this salad called devil’s Rock, the hint of lime standing beautifully next to the orange while the crispness was perfect with a tuna salad.

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