Chicken in Creme Fraiche, Mushroom, Mustard and Brandy Sauce with Seasonal Asparagus

Although most people from other countries think of british food as being just a little plain, that is becoming a thing of the past, as more people are traveling and trying new flavours, as well as of course, the influences of migrancy over the years.
If there is one thing that Britain can boast, is some really great restaurants and chefs. We are surrounded by many Michelin star restaurants, so instead of spending money on chain restaurants or fast food, we prefer to save and go out for something memorable.
We are yet to get to a restaurant owned by the chef that developed this recipe, but his recipes come through as really fresh and balanced. We made this one on a hot summers evening and thought it was going to be too rich, but the creme fraiche really makes it light and appetising.
The chef is called Marcus Wareing and the link below takes you directly to the recipe from the program it was featured on. However, I will put the USA measurements below the link, for those who do not have metric measures available.

WINE NOTE: The recomendation was for an oaky Chardonnay and if you love your Californian Chrdonnay, go in all guns blazing, because that coconut American oak will pair with the light cream in this. We actauly paired a Chilean Chardonnay with it, which worked very well.

All measurements are in oz as well as metric, so I don’t need to rewrite to adjust, but the oven temperature was in Celcius only, so here is the farenheit:
Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/400F