Elegant but Tasty Caribbean Fish – Seabream With Charred Sweet Corn Cream

This is a relatively easy recipe that’s perfect dinner party food or great for a romantic supper. I love Caribbean food and this dish is awesome with its delicate coconut and toasted sweet corn flavours. Reminds me of sunshine days on a Caribbean beach at the beach restaurant.

I suggest making the butter ahead and putting in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve. This gives you less to do when you are serving. You could also prepare the marinade and toast the sweet corn, if you have guests, which will speed up the kitchen to table time!

WINENOTE: A delicate crisp wine would work well with the gentle spice, such as Fiano with its rounded fresh pear flavour

Here is the link to the recipe by one of my favourite chefs, Andi Oliver. She develops the most wonderful flavour combinations!!