Friday Night Curry Night Chicken Korma (or any night it’s so easy!)

I traveled to India alone, when I was much younger, to pick up a yacht. Part of the excitement for me, of course, was trying authentic food.

Bombay, which is now Calcutta, was an extremely busy, bustling city, with traffic that didn’t move. Important people had lace curtains in their car! (I never told my mother this, as she would have wanted that in the family car).

The journey on Air India was interesting, as the food was very mild. I was expecting a small amount of spice, but there was barely enough to scantily flavour the food.

Bombay itself produced more flavour, but not the eye watering, sinus exploding heat of a British vindaloo! Certainly, the food was more real, than what you would find at a Westernised restaurant.

That’s why I was excited to try this recipe. The chef is reproducing authentic family food from India, with simplified ingredients, so you are not faced with a lengthy ingredient list. Some recipes take a lifetime, just to gather the spices before I can even begin to marinate!

I have put the recipe link, but have also included a link to the chef’s recipe book, an absolute must have if you want great food that you can make during the week

WINENOTE: I always go with the wine experts pairing at Saturday Kitchen, as he is one of my wine heroes. Torrontes from Argentina was recommended, as rounded fruity wines hold well with spices without overwhelming the gentle spice flavours