Our favourite part of the week is lazy weekend brunch time! Brunch around the world can come with many different flavours, but the one thing I have learnt from world travel, is that most cultures like eggs for brunch!
I recommend getting the best quality eggs that you can from ethical farmers. You get richer yokes and better nutrition.

I have 2 of our favourite brunch recipes here. Trust me, there are many more, but one of these have been a regular for a while and is wonderful during asparagus season. It is also quite a fast one to prepare, as everything cooks at once. The other is a new favourite, from the awesome Paul Ainsworth, of which I will provide a link. It has wonderful chorizo combined with cannellini beans and parma ham!

WINE NOTE: Champagne or even better Nyetimber- a British sparkling wine, is the only alcohol we would usually have with brunch and only on a holiday!! Cava and wine for Mimosa is rather pleasant too!
However, with the gypsy egg recipe, there comes a wine match of Cotes Du Rhone. I think I would perhaps rather that in the evening, because if I opened red wine in the morning, my day would be pretty much over before it started!!

So without further ado, here are the recipes;


2-4 slices of sourdough bread
Leaves from 3 tarragon sprigs
8-10 asparagus stalks trimmed
4 free range eggs
Garlic Oil spray
2 tsp butter
Red wine vinegar

Start boiling a pan of water with a good splash of red vinegar in it, then reduce to medium simmer
Spray the bread with garlic oil.
Spray the asparagus with olive oil
Place the bread & asparagus on a hot griddle pan and grill until the bread is nearly toasted and the asparagus is almost charred.
At this stage crack the eggs into the simmering water to poach
Place the slices of toasted sourdough on a plate and sprinkle over the tarragon.
Place the asparagus on top of the bread and then add a teaspoon of butter.
Top the asparagus with the poached eggs then season with Himalayan salt & a little pepper.

Serve at once.


Click through the link to access this recipe;