Vegetarian Doner Kebabs

I love flavours from the lower Mediterranean, where fusion cooking has been the norm a very long time before it became fashionable in the Western world! Spices and their combinations have long crossed borders, to create exciting food!

This recipe is created by Sabrina Ghayour who writes the most wonderful recipe books using the food and flavour I have experienced from across that region, North Africa and the Middle East.

These kebabs are a vegetarian dish that I can persuade my husband to eat and he really enjoys them! They can also be prepared as a vegan dish if you change the yogurt to your favorite vegan alternative.

WINE NOTE; The wine expert on this programme recommended beer, in the vein of a british Friday night out kebab, but this food is far more sophisticated than that and deserves a nice bottle of Pint Noir from France or Germany!!

Click through this link for the recipe;