Asian Inspired Steak Surf and Turf With Salad

As anyone who shares recipes knows, I love Asian food and had a fabulous time travelling from Japan to Malaysia and Singapore, sampling the wonderful cuisine all the way.

Anytime I can throw the varied flavours of the region into a salad or wrap, I grab that opportunity.

This recipe is by one of my chef crushes, Matt Tebbutt, who invents some awesome and inspiring food!

Sometimes I replace the chicory with bagged chard based salad, but always put the sugarsnap peas/snow peas and Brussel sprout leaves in, as the flavours and crunch really make this salad.

It’s a wonderful Saturday evening in front of the tv supper!

Wine note: classic pairing of Alsace Gewurtztraminer is quite good or an Otago Pinot Noir if you would prefer a red alongside your steak.