Seafood Heaven; Seared Scallops With Crab Fritters


This is the final result of my first attempt at the recipe.

I love seafood, scallops being a favourite. A chef on my favourite cooking show put this recipe together and I usually love cooking his recipes and the scallops and crab fritters ticked all the boxes! You can’t have lived in New England and not love fried seafood or scallops!

I couldn’t find the ingredient ‘sev’ in time, so googled it and blended the spices usually used in sev and blended them with breadcrumbs. The result was good. I used 1 part chilli powder, 1/2 part cayenne and 1/2part turmeric powder.

I must admit, when I got all of the ingredients out, I wondered if I had been a little ambitious, but when I got started, it went smoothly and I enjoyed it!

The wine expert Olly Smith suggested a South African Sauvignon Blanc, which we tried and it went beautifully! We will also be purchasing more of it as we enjoyed it so much. If you are in the UK, the wine is called The Project Sauvignon Blanc from Aldi. It’s a little over £5 but has the balance and flavour of a more expensive one!

So here is the link to Matt Tebbutt’s recipe; Scallops With Crab Fritters Recipe