A Côte Du Rhône Bargain!

Occasionally, I find an absolute bargain of a wine and when I do, I share it, because that’s what friends do! Friends don’t let friends drink bad wine!

Well this is a little stunner and is a penny short of £5. It blew my socks off the first time I tried it, realising that I had been missing out for some time!

The aromas and flavour are very similar. Blueberry velvet jam with a clean hint of cherry give a smooth ride with high performance suspension! This is a beautiful structured wine with more balance than the Flamingo!

The retro label gives a bistro feel. The  wine pairs great with a burger!

Shout out to the Aldi wine buyer who discovered this and brought it to us.

I stock this every time I go to Aldi and have dropped my favourite that was £10 like a bad date!