My Favourite Scallop Dish! Curry Dusted Scallops with Caper Sauce Served on Cauliflower

I love scallops! There are so many different types and really like them all!! I miss the scallop season in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The scallops are small and sweet, best cooked simply in butter.

For this recipe, I use the largest scallops I can get. I have been making this for many years and never get tired of the wonderful combination of flavours. Its quite an elegant dish, it could be an appetiser but we just love it so much, we have it as our main. It’s an easy recipe, just make sure that you cook scallops no more than a minute each side!
You can also make this lighter by using low fat Half and Half or low fat evaporated milk in place of the cream.

WINE NOTE: I love Vermentino with this. It has enough lemon to enhance the scallops and cut through the creamy cauliflower, but also has a pleasant herbal flavour. With the salty caper sauce, the wine becomes more creamier, so together the wine and food really bring out the best in each other.


7oz /200g sultanas
3 1/2oz / 100g capers in brine, rinsed & drained
100ml water
16 large scallops (I usually buy cleaned ones)
1 tsp curry powder
Himalyan rock salt & fresh ground black pepper
Cooking Olive oil
1 tbsp sherry vinegar
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/2 head of caulliflower chopped into florets
30g butter
2 tbsp milk
100ml single cream

Bring to the boil the water capers and sultanas. Then place in a small food processor and blitz to a puree.

Whisk the EVOO & sherry vinegar in a small bowl.

Melt the butter in a pan, place the cauliflower in and saute for 4 minutes. Add the milk, cover with a lid and cook for 3 more minutes. Pour in the cream and bring to a gentle boil. Partially cover with the lid and cook for about 3 minutes until soft. Put the cauliflower in a food blender and blitz to a puree.

Dust both sides of the scallops with the curry powder. Heat olive oil in a cast iron skillet and place the scallops in a circle around the side of the pan. When the first one has cooked for one minute, turn each one in the same order that they were placed int he pan. Cook for one more minute then remove and rest on a plate for one minute.

Divide the cauliflower on the plates, place the scallops on the cauliflower then drizzle with the sherry vinegar /oil combo and the capers.