Red Velvet Cupcake! This Wine is Definitely the Frosting on the Cake!


Have you ever dreamed of having a rich smooth Californian in your life, like Flo has here? Well look no further! You too can have this little cupcake!! It may be rich, but it’s luxury at an affordable price!

Walk through a door into a seductive land of warmth and mystery. That is what you experience on your fist sip. With rich fruity flavours of blackberries and cherries, followed by a hint of cinnamon, then a float  on a magic carpet of chocolate, vanilla and oak. You will land ready to turn around and take another trip through the door. I do not exaggerate.

I was looking for a wine to pair with venison and blackcurrant sauce. I look towards the new world for Cabernet Sauvignon to go with the dish, as the crisp green pepper often displayed in French Cabs tend to clash with this dish. This made for a magical pairing that will be repeated. At only £10 (M&S), this wine added far more to the romance of the supper than an Australian Cab at 2.5 times the cost!

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